The name of the Society shall be the UP CHAPTER OF ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS OF INDIA


The Registered office of the Association will be situated at Kanpur.


The objects of the association are:

  • To encourage and advance the study and practice of the science and art of Surgery.
  • To promote social intercourse among the surgeons of India and abroad.
  • To encourage scientific research and experimental work on Surgical problems.
  • To organise scientific programmes e.g. Conferences, Workshops etc.
  • o provide for continuing Medical Education Programme for Postgraduate students and Medical practitioners.
  • To establish and maintain reference libraries of books, magazines, newspapers, audiovisual materials etc., relating to Surgery.
  • To watch and advice on legislation affecting Surgeons.
  • To publish a Journal, Bulletin devoted to surgical and allied subjects. The Journal, shall be official organ of the UP CHAPTER OF ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS OF INDIA.
  • o arrange and conduct examinations, award certificates and prizes on subjects connected with the science and art of Surgery.
  • To organise exhibitions of surgical and allied instrument and equipments and to encourage their improvement.
  • To make rules, when deemed necessary, inter alia relating to discipline and professional conduct of Surgeons.
  • To do all such other things as may be incidental to or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects.

The affairs of the Chapter of the Association shall be managed by a Executive Committee. The following are the names, addresses and occupations of the present Executive Committee:

  •  Dr. Hari Gautam Chairman, Prof. of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Agra
  •  Dr. C.M. Singhal Honorary Secretary, Kanpur
  •  Dr. V.K. Singhal Honorary Treasurer, Kanpur
  •  Dr. I.P. Elhence, Member Agra
  •  Dr.Y.V.S. Gahlaut, Member Aligarh
  •  Dr. N.D. Tahiliani, Member Allahabad
  •  Dr. J.P. Gupta, Member Gorakhpur
  •  Dr. H.N. Singh, Member Gorakhpur
  •  Dr. Rajeev Sinha, Member Jhansi
  •  Dr. S.N. Gupta, Member Kanpur
  •  Dr. A.K. Wahal, Member Lucknow
  •  Dr. N.N. Khanna, Member Varanasi
  •  Dr. K.K. Bhatnagar, Member Kanpur
  •  Dr. R.V. Singh, Member P.M.S.
  •  Dr. B.D. Sharma Immediate Past Chairman
  •  Dr. K.B. Misra, Co-opted Member, Airforce

The Association is authorised to receive donations, subscriptions of other income, to hold funds and to utilize the funds for fulfilling the objects of the Association.


The income and property of the Association how so-ever derived shall be aplied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association as set fourth in this Memorandum of Association and no portion shall be paid to individual members as dividend, bonus or gifts.


The Executive Committee or any of its members shall not be held responsible for loss of any property unless it is due to wilful default or negligence.


The Executive Committee shall have full power of control and management of the affairs of the property of the Association, to engage such officials, staff or other persons as may be found necessary for the proper conduct and management of the affairs of the Associaton in carrying out its objects.


The Executive Committee shall have power to invest and deal with the money of the Association and borrow such sums of money as it may resolve as tending to benefit the Association.


Such moneys and properties of the Association as are not utilized for the objects of the Association may be invested, in such manner in such banks in such a way as the Executive Committee may in its sole discretion, think proper and the Executive Committee may at their discretion, change the investments in order to better fulfill the objects of the Association and it shall not spend for such objects the entire moneys and the properties of the Association. The Chapter fund, foundations, of various oration fellowships and lectureship can not be spent; except the interest accrued thereon.


The Association shall have power to purchase, construct or acquire on lease or in exchange or hire or by gift or otherwise any real or personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Association and to improve, develop, manage, sell, lease, mortgage, dispose off, turn to account of otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association.


If upon disolution of the Association there shall remain after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same will be disposed off as per section 14 of Society of Registration Act.


The Association may make byelaws, rules and regulations or guidelines of the Association for its smooth running. The Association is authorised to delete, change or add by-laws, rules and regulations or guidelines when found necessary.


The Chapter shall be guided by all rules & regulations of the Association of Surgeons of India. It shall not frame any rules & regulations contarty to the rules & regulation of Association of Surgeons of India. In the event of any conflict or dispute the matter shall be referred to the Governing Council of the Association of Surgeons of India for a decision which will be binding on the Chapter.


The Chapter year shall be from October to 30th September. However the new Executive Committee can alter the Association year.


A copy of the Rules & Regulations of the Association passed by the General Body is annexed.

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