The organization has been very keen to recognize merit, encourage younger members to advance further in the pursuit of their chosen field and to participate in the state and national conferences. The chapter is a platform where uninitiated can be given opportunity. This history of the chapter gives an account of several orations, lecturership and awards instituted by the chapter from time to time


  1. Young Out Standing Surgical Teacher Award
  2. Senior Travelling Fellowship
  3. Dr. R.K. Garg Best Paper Award for P.G. Students
  4. Eminent Senior Surgical Teacher Award
  5. Dr. R.L. Gupta Subharti Oration
  6. Prof. N.C. Misra Memorial Oration
  7. Dr. S.N. Mathur Memorial Oration
  8. Dr. Jawaharlal Rohtagi Travelling Fellowship (1981)
  9. Dr. S.C. Misra Memorial Oration (1985)
  10. Dr. A.K. Mehrotra Memorial Guest Lecture (1987)
  11. Dr. S.P. Srivastava – Oncology Oration (1989)
  12. Dr. Tara Chandra Foundation for Surgical Education and Research (1991)


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