History of ASI

Department of Surgery, G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur was privileged to hold 32nd Annual Conference of the ASI. It turned out to be a great success and was considered as a landmark in the history of the association. After meeting all the obligations the organizing committee had a surplus fund of Rs. 70,000/- left over. A sum of Rs. 10,000/- was donated to the parent body namely Association of Surgeons of India. Adequate utilization of Rs. 60,000/- was considered and many proposals were brought forward. This matter was debated for almost two years. The organizers were very keen to spend this money in such a manner that could benefit surgeons of Kanpur and Uttar Pradesh for a long time.

Although there were some regional societies of surgery there were no branches of the ASI or for that matter any All India professional body except Indian Medical Association. Dr. Tara Chandra mooted the idea of starting the first chapter of the ASI in UP. The idea was widely acclaimed. It fired the imagination of large number of surgeons of the state. With a large reservoir of goodwill, Confidence and hope she issued a state wide appeal, surgeons of the state to meet in the Medical Collage, Kanpur on 15th November, 1975, to formally establish UP Chapter of ASI. The response were over whelming.

100 Surgeons representing all the medical colleges of UP, PMS and private sector attended the first conference on 15.11.1975. Amongst the participants, doyens of surgery Dr. S.C. Misra, Dr. B.N. Sinha, Dr. S.P. Srivastava, Dr. R.V. Singh, Dr. G.P. Srivastava, Dr. K.N. Udupa Attended the founding session. It speaks eloquently of the wide interest the proposal had created spontaneously in the state.

Dr. S.C. Misra, F.R.C.S., Professor and Head of the department of surgery and senior most surgeon in UP, a founder member of ASI agreed to our request to be the first President of the chapter. The conference was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. H.C. Verma, Principal of the college. Dr. B.N. Sinha, F.R.C.S., President of Medical Council of India inaugurated the conference. His words of wisdom and ex-cathedral advice are still widely remembered. Surgeons present signed a register of the founder members. The meeting was followed by scientific sessions on 15th and 16th November, 1975. On 15th November lunch was hosted by Dr. Brijendra Swarup. Dr. T.P. Bannerji gave a fellowship dinner at his residence. On 16th November 1975 constitution was discussed and passed. An Executive Committee was elected (list given elsewhere). The meeting ended with lot of rejoicing and confidence for the future.

Proposal to accord sanction and recognition of the first chapter of the association by the parent body was taken up by Dr. Tara Chandra in the Governing Council meeting of ASI in December 1975 at Ahmedabad. There was lot of discussion on the propriety of creating chapters in the states. After initial reluctance the matter was referred to sub-committee consisting of Dr. R.K. Gandhi, Dr. R.K. Menda, Dr. Atm. Prakash and Dr. Tara Chandra. The sub-committee, after due deliberations gave a favourable report to the Governing Council which accepted the proposal. It was passed by the general body of the ASI on 29th December, 1975 with the clear proviso that states, cities or towns can form chapters, frame there constitution with in the constitution of parent body without any financial commitment by the parent body. This was a historical decision which has changed the course of functioning of not only ASI but other professional associations also in the country. In 1985 the Governing Council decided to constitute compulsory chapter all over the country in every state with all the members of ASI residing in the state automatically becoming members of the chapter, undertook to collect Rs. 24/- per member from the state and reimburse the same to reconstitute the respective chapters. It further decided to reconstitute Governing Council. It was decided that each state chapter shall send a member to the Governing council on the basis of one member for each unit of 150 members of the chapter. Dr. H.S. Asopa was elected first member of Governing Council from UP Chapter under the new provision.

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